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About GittGo

Have you spent time searching for a trade or service only to find no one available?

About GittGo

Have you spent time searching for a trade or service only to find no one available?

Having faced the same problems ourselves, we really thought there should be a better way.

Our idea was simple, to deliver the first network of the 100 most commonly sought professionals and tradespeople, who were highly vetted, but also always available at the same time, for both home and business owners in Surrey, Kent and London.

How we did it …

In 2019

We developed a survey that was completed by tens of thousands of Surrey residents to identify the top 100 services and professionals they use.

During 2020

We developed a vetting process to ensure that our professionals met the highest standards to save owners the time and effort in carrying out due diligence and asking people for recommendations.

By 2021

We had implemented our vetting process to source a number of members per profession, trade and service to ensure that owners were guaranteed both availability and quality at all times.

2022 Launch

We launched our GittGo Concierge in the summer of 2022. Our membership has expanded beyond the initial 100 tradespeople and service providers, and enabling our concierges to obtain whatever you need, for free!

our revolutionary GittGo concierge

We challenged ourselves to ensure that the customer has a seamless and easy to use service from start to finish. With our revolutionary GittGo concierge line and online form, we are able to do this.

The GittGo Approved Trader accreditation scheme

The accreditation acknowledges a members commitment to high quality customer service, the GittGo standard of excellence, and both the members promise and pledge.
After passing our vetting process and successful acceptance into the GittGo network, our members will receive the "GittGo Approved Traders" logo for use on their website and any other marketing material they may wish to use.

The GittGo Members Commitment

The GittGo approved trader accreditation scheme requires all our members to commit to the following:

gittgo members promise
  • To always be honest with the customer
  • Tell the customer about any call out fees beforehand
  • To be kind, courteous and respectful at all times
  • Be professional in all areas
  • Maintain communications throughout
  • Always turn up for appointments
  • Never cut a job short always follow job through to completion
  • Always give an honest and fair review
  • Always use your gittgo club to get a job. Never cold call.
  • Deal with any issues promptly
  • Never sub contract work unless approved first with customer
  • Be realistic on how long the job will take
  • Give a fair work estimate
  • Keep safe working practices
gittgo standard of excellence
  • Full check of all trading history
  • All accreditations, qualifications and credentials checked
  • Trading standards approved
  • Regulatory body approved
  • Awards listed
  • Fully insured
  • Fully checked reviews
  • Always give an honest and fair review
  • All services covered
  • Can cover all work all of the time
  • Never sub contract unless approved first
  • All members interviewed by us
gittgo members pledge

I pledge to use the other members of my gittgo club first if I need the services that one of the other members offers