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Here at gittgo we help drive your business forward by utilizing 3 solutions for problems we all have. How do you keep new customers coming to your business, beating the competition for the work and how do you choose the right company for the job you need doing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: All members in your club have signed up to our gittgo promise this means that they will make sure that when they need a service that you offer, they will come to you first.

Answer: Before we sign members up to your club we carry out a full survey with the member asking if they need to use the service that you offer ( i.e. a plumber ) this year or next and they will only become a member if they give the gittgo pledge that they will use the members of your club.
Answer: We carry out extensive research on any possible member before they are even considered for a club, we have picked only the best most professional people from each industry. Our gittgo standard of excellence means you will always have piece of mind.

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Our sales team are always on hand to help you drive your business forward. we can be reached Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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gittgo members promise

  • To always be honest with the customer
  • Tell the customer about any call out fees beforehand
  • To be kind, courteous and respectful at all times
  • Be professional in all areas
  • Maintain communications throughout
  • Always turn up for appointments
  • Never cut a job short always follow job through to completion
  • Always give an honest and fair review
  • Always use your gittgo club to get a job. Never cold call.
  • Deal with any issues promptly
  • Never sub contract work unless approved first with customer
  • Be realistic on how long the job will take
  • Give a fair work estimate
  • Keep safe working practices

gittgo members pledge

I pledge to use the other members of my gittgo club first if I need the services that one of the other members offers

gittgo standard of excellence

  • Full check of all trading history
  • All accreditations, qualifications and credentials checked
  • Trading standards approved
  • Regulatory body approved
  • Awards listed
  • Fully insured
  • Fully checked reviews
  • Always give an honest and fair review
  • All services covered
  • Can cover all work all of the time
  • Never sub contract unless approved first
  • All members interviewed by us

gittgo members pledge

I pledge to use the other members of my gittgo club first if I need the services that one of the other members offers